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February 2016


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The trend toward multi-
generational living.

Although your home may have housed a traditional family consisting of mom, dad and two kids, savvy real estate agents will tell you, that in order to attract more buyers, staging your house as one fit for multi-generations is the way to go.

A recent study conducted by the Pew Research Center states that a record 57 million Americans (18.1% of the U.S. population) were living in multi-generational households.

This trend is coming from all directions. Young adults are moving back home, the elderly are moving in with their middle-age children and middle-aged children are moving back with their elderly parents.

As a result, agents are highlighting features such as finished walkout basements and bonus bedrooms. When it’s being suggested to transform your office or basement into a bedroom, you should be listening. Any home that contains bonus space is a viable candidate for a buyer who might be planning to bring an ill or out-of-work family member back into the fold. A home’s accessibility is important for people who might be living with aging parents who use wheelchairs or walkers. Creating a complete, accessible living space on one level with safety features can make a home attractive to people of all ages.


Hardwood floors make an impression.

Hardwood flooring enhances the look of any room and creates a classic ambiance. Real estate agents agree that those homes hold their value better, sell faster and attract higher prices. Hardwood floors are always a draw. They impart warmth, depth and richness that can’t be matched by carpeting, tile or vinyl flooring.

The American Hardwood Information Center cites a national survey of real estate agents in which 99% of respondents agreed that restoring hardwood flooring in the home is one of the best long-term investments one can make. And 90% said these homes sell for more money.

An EPA study found that pesticides used in gardens and homes can gather on floors and other surfaces in the home. Wood floors greatly reduce the accumulation of such toxins by not trapping or harboring dust mites or molds like carpet.

Though wood floors will probably need to be refinished at some point, when properly taken care of they are much easier to maintain than other floor surfaces. Hardwood floors could make the difference between a sale or watching a potential buyer walk out the door.


Protect your home against
natural disasters.

Natural disasters serve as a reminder how water, wind, fire and earth movement can impact your most cherished investment. There are things you can do to prevent major damage in the event of a major disaster:

Water: Windows, doors, cracks and holes should be appropriately sealed. Repair or replace roof shingles. Basement windows and doors should have built-up barriers or flood shields. Inspect your sump pump regularly.

Wind: Windows and glass doors should be fitted with impact-resistant laminated glass or covered with impact-resistant shutters. Solid wood or hollow metal doors, are more likely to resist wind pressure and flying debris.

Wildfire: Install a spark arrestor on your chimney. Eliminate brush and debris from around your property. Modify your attic, sub-floor and basement vents. Replace single-pane glass with tempered glass. Cover exterior walls with a fire-resistant material. Re-roof your home with a Class A material.

Earthquake: If you are in an earthquake zone, protect your property and possessions by anchoring appliances, water heater, dressers, and other heavy items to the wall. Secure electronics and small appliances to desks, tables and countertops.

Insurance: Most standard homeowners policies include structural coverage and personal property coverage. Depending on your location, you may also need additional coverage against earthquake, hurricane and fire. Flood damage is not typically covered under traditional homeowners insurance policies.

When disasters strike, it’s the safety of you and your family that matters. Taking the right precautions can keep damage to a minimum; or in the case of severe damage, you can ensure you have the financial means to rebuild.

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Pets can be a factor when
showing your home.

Sellers are advised to create the illusion that everything is new and fresh in their homes. But with pets, it’s not always easy to keep things that way:

  • They could scare away a potential buyer from stepping foot in the house
  • Many are worried about dogs or freaked out by birds
  • Allergies can also be a factor
  • Owners may think of their pets as the gentlest creatures, but a dog that barks or jumps on people is not good

So what to do? Keeping a pet in the backyard, the garage or locked in a room is insufficient—and certainly not fair to the pet. The simplest solution is to relocate the pet. That can be to a friend or family member or a pet daycare facility.

There are a few things that you need to consider if pets must be in the home:

  • Put them in a carrier and attach a note warning buyers not to disturb them
  • Clean the litter box daily and keep it out of sight
  • Put food and water dishes away after feeding
  • Consider hiring professionals to remove pet stains

Finally, although a sleeping cat on the bed may make for a cute picture, someone seeing the shot on a website may automatically bypass the house because they imagine smells and claw marks on the rug.

Pet owners must understand that not everyone loves animals as much as they do. To some, pets are smelly, noisy and damaging to a property. Don’t let that be the reason you don’t sell your home.

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